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There’s fun sides to the car shopping experience, but there’s some not so fun sides too. Picking out your favorite color is pretty nice. Now, car leasing and auto loan financing? Not so much, right?

If this is something you’ve thought of the last time you bought a car near Napa, you don’t have to worry when you bring your business to Hansel Subaru. We offer an unprecedented level of convenience when it comes to used car finance and car leasing. Read on and learn how we can help you apply for financing and more!

Leasing Vs. Buying: One Of History’s Greatest Choices

Car leasing or auto loan financing? Which is right for you? Many have asked this question and in the interest of fairness, we think it’s a good idea to give you a guide. Here’s our recommendations on the buying vs. leasing question, one of our many car buying tips:

  • You should buy if you’re looking to create an investment that has equity (that is, it can be sold for cash later)
  • You should buy if you’re looking to drive a lot of miles or use your vehicle in a way that doesn’t fit with a lease agreement
  • You should buy if you’re looking to stay in the game for a long time as opposed to a quicker upgrade
  • You should lease if you are willing to stick to the guidelines on your vehicle outlined in your lease agreement
  • You should lease if you’re looking to lower your total cost of ownership, both at the time of purchase and for the long haul

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