Here at Hansel Subaru, we know our customers appreciate the comfortability, advanced driving performance, intelligent safety features, and overall reliability of our vehicles and with 97% of Subaru models sold in the last 10 years still being on the roads today, odds are that your car will outlast all of its competition. We know you've fallen in love with your current Subaru, but if you're interested in trading up for a new one, our Subaru dealer near San Francisco is thrilled to offer you a generous and competitive trade-in value for your existing ride. 

Why We Recommend Trading Your Vehicle in at Hansel Subaru

Many of our customers are in the market for a new car or SUV in order to take advantage of all the latest technology and safety advancements, while other San Francisco area drivers may be looking for additional seating for their expanding family. Whatever the reason may be, we're always here to help you trade your vehicle in and upgrade to one that better suits your wants and needs. 

So how are you supposed to know how much you will receive for your current vehicle? That's where we come in! 

What's My Car Worth?

By simply telling us about some of the more important information regarding your vehicle such as the model, year, trim style, mileage, and condition, it will allow us to come up with an estimate for how much we can offer you for your beloved vehicle. Rest assured, with Subaru models holding their value better than any other vehicle and with a constant demand for well-maintained used Subarus, we're always looking to expand our pre-owned inventory list, so you know you will receive a generous offer from us!

Learn More From Our San Francisco Area Subaru Dealer

When you visit our Subaru dealership in Santa Rosa, you will find an incredible selection of new and pre-owned vehicles and an experienced staff that will be glad to assist you. If you have any questions about evaluating your trade or you would like to get behind the wheel of what could be your next Subaru, please feel free to contact us at Hansel Subaru today!